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Latest News:

We're Back

The calendar says that its Spring and the piles of snow are getting smaller. It’s time to start planning the new year and so far, we have the 3 days scheduled.

If you’re new to Mustang Alley, here’s an overview of what we’ve hosted in the past and what we have confirmed.

Thursday August 14th – Flat Rock Assembly Plant Tour
In the past years, we’ve invited 300-400 people to tour the facility and see the Mustang built. This was a guided walking tour that took you through the final assembly area of the plant. For a Ford Employee, this may be the everyday work environment. For the Mustang enthusiast, it’s the ultimate visit home. Watch the bodies drop from the paint department into the main assembly area, process through the trim department, into chassis, and onto the final line. A turn of the key and another Mustang is born. 

2014 is different. Gone are the days of the walking tour. Have a seat on the tram and your tour guide will take you through the entire plant. See what it takes to build the new S550 from start to finish. The plant will be in the starting phases of mass production. You’ll see the first production Mustangs prior to any hitting the showroom floor!!!

Friday August 15th – Dearborn Development Center – Track Event
You’ve had a chance to see where it was born, now it’s time to see it run. Come see our test facility and check out the Mustang as well as some other Ford and Lincoln products. 

In this event, you’ll be able to view cars in a static display, test your skills while driving through a few courses, and be a passenger on some of our more aggressive routes. Take a track tour to learn about the track history, see the various test surfaces, and learn about what it takes to develop and prove out a car prior to production. We’ll flood the wet pad and take you out to test the handling limits of our vehicles. Test your skills against some competition with our drag racing challenge. Most popular of all are the hot laps: In the months before the event, our team searches the various Ford parking lots, garages, and computer records. What cars are available? Is there a Shelby or Boss lying around? What’s on the inventory from Europe? Anything from Australia we can pull in? How many test cars from the Mustang fleet can we get before someone finally asks… Don’t you have enough cars? 

Saturday August 16th – Mustang Alley – 9-Mile at Woodward, Ferndale, MI
Sign up for the largest single model event held in conjunction with the Woodward Dream Cruise. The Dream Cruise itself brings in almost a million people from around the world. The number of classics and hot rods number in the tens of thousands. All of this, and the Mustang is the only model allowed on east 9-Mile. We’ll line you up on the road and in every side lot we can get until we hit the train tracks. In the past, we’ve filled it with 800 cars. Can we break the record this year?  

During the 3 days, we’ll have a variety of raffles for special events, drives, aftermarket parts, OEM parts, you name it, we’ll give it away!  At the time of this note, 602 of you have already registered and said YES! We want to be part of the 50th Anniversary of Mustang at Mustang Alley!  Tell your Friends.  Tell them again.  With your help, this could be the greatest Mustang Alley of all time.  

Don’t forget – we are also still running the T shirt contest.  We are looking for designs for this year’s shirts.  Those who submit the winning designs will receive a free copy of their T shirt and bragging rights for the next year.  For those interested in submitting designs, please contact Vince Letizio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Keep checking the website for updates – Info on track registration and plant tour are coming soon.  Thank you for participating and supporting Mustang Alley!


Pictures are posted

Date: 8/20/2013

The event pictures are being uploaded to the shutterfly site, they should all be up on site soon. The link is https://mustangalley.shutterfly.com/ or you can click the "Past Event Pictures" from the menu above.